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Are you fed up with living paycheck to paycheck and not understanding why you can’t get ahead? Do you feel like the wealthy know something that you don’t?

That stops today with learning how to create a "Wealth Cycle"!

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After starting my  Real Estate business with only $11 in my checking account I came to realize that financial success is a choice and success is predictable. I am here to teach you the principles that will help you escape the rat race.

I do this through teaching specific steps that will take you from unstable to stable and then stable to thriving. You're closer to free than you realize. Are you next?

Real people with real results from working with Todd


"Todd Fleming has changed our lives drastically since we started by reading Todd’s Book, If You Can’t Wholesale After This, I’ve Got Nothing For You. Before Todd’s mentorship, we were living paycheck to paycheck; even with both of us having multiple college degrees and decent W2 jobs.

Under the mentorship of Todd,

  • We had our first wholesale deal within a few months and then closed approximately 50 deals after.
  • We have learned endless creative buying strategies to own multiple properties.
  • We currently own multiple long term rentals and one short term rental.
  • We have grown more financially stable each year by increasing our net worth with real estate, Whole Life Investments, and decreasing any unnecessary spending.
  • In 2021 my wife was able to leave her teaching position to help full-time with our real estate businesses.
  • We have started a cleaning service company
  • Most importantly, we are more present in our children’s lives because of the flexibility and freedom in our work.

Our Journey with Todd has been life changing! What makes Todd different from others, is he not only helps you through the learning process, but he is genuinely dedicated to your success. If you put in the work, he will put in the work with you and be there to celebrate each WIN!"

-Ronnie and Jessica 

"Todd has helped me tremendously since becoming a mentee of his. Not only in having shifts financially but also mentally that has benefited me in the most positive ways for the past 2 years now. When I first started learning from him, I was in a dark place financially and mentally but he was able to help me turn things around by showing me how to ask myself better questions that ultimately led to me living a better and more productive life. When I first met him, I was over 18k in debt and he helped me come up with a plan where I was able to become debt free in a matter of a few months and ultimately make better decisions financially. The best part about working with Todd is that he truly cares about helping you, he is service minded and has been through the struggles I’ve been through so he truly comes from a place of understanding and simplifies the process so well through it all. Plus he’s a super cool and down to earth guy that I am grateful to call my friend and mentor."


"Working with Todd has completely changed my family's future. Not only did Todd's mentorship help me get out of over 20k in debt in less than 2 months, he actually helped me identify the heart issues that caused it in the first place so that it never happens again. Besides gaining a healthy relationship with money and financial intelligence that I never learned growing up, working with Todd has truly helped me understand what creating a fulfilling life looks like for me and my family. This dude is one of the only people I know who will fully and genuinely practice what he preaches and walk in complete and total faith. Gratitude is an understatement when it comes to the mentorship and friendship of Todd M. Fleming!"


"What I have experienced about Todd Fleming is that he is passionate about expressing his ideas through writing and philosophy and has a great skill in creating a welcoming community while providing valuable insights on financial freedom. My husband and I are grateful we have been able to tap into his Real Estate knowledge and use that to grow our business. We have learned not only techniques that continue to help us in our professional lives, but also a great deal of mindset education that has provided us growth in our personal lives as well."

- Margaret

"There are so many wonderful things that I could say about the Fleming family. They are kind, compassionate, and motivating people. Through their guidance, I have become a much more positive and financial savvy person. Todd takes the time to breakdown questions that you may have allowing you to find the answers yourself. Todd and Denise help walk you through anything that life throws at you. They are constantly looking to help, and mold people into the best person they could possibly be. I can honestly say that my life, finances, spirituality, and so much more have grown into something I am proud of because of knowing the Flemings. If you're ever wondering if Todd's guidance is right for you, I am here to say that it is! You will find yourself thinking about finances and personal growth in a way that you never have before. I urge you to jump in without hesitation!"

- Leigh Ann

"I can’t say enough about how much Todd has helped my wife and I in our business and beyond.  We’ve both been able to quit our W2 jobs and are able to work full time on our Real Estate business and spend far more time with our family.  His help has come both in business knowledge and what is infinitely more important to me, with mindset.  Before starting my own business I never realized how crucial that aspect would be to our success and ability to just keep pushing.  This is one of many areas Todd absolutely excels and has helped improve not only our business but our lives as a whole.  Add that to his business acumen and I can say for sure he has dramatically improved the trajectory of our lives now and long into the future."

- Jordan Vosburgh

"I have been using Todd's bank statement training for years now. It is something I do yearly to keep my finances in order. The first time I used his system, I applied it to both my personal finances and my businesses. Using his system, I saved about $3,000 on my personal bills and just over $7,000 on my business bills. Yes, this simple process allowed me to save $10,000 a month in bills. I am not saying that it is easy to eliminate some bills, but the system to determine if the bill is a necessity or an unneeded luxury is simple. All that is left is for you to take action and eliminate the bill.

The amazing part about this process is that after you figure out where to save the money and take action on actually canceling the accounts, and become more disciplined with how and where you spend your money, you will be shocked at how much you spend each month eating out at restaurants. Todd can give you the tools and knowledge on where to put that money to start saving, and even how to make it grow for long-term stability and security.

I cannot recommend Todd and all of his financial advice enough. It has transformed my life in so many positive ways that I continue to follow it and remove excess spending to ensure that I do not fall into debt like I did when I was younger."

- Dustin