My wife, Denise, and I started our real estate business out of our first apartment together. We didn’t have any money when we started so we wrote yellow letters together on our lunch and dinner dates to create lead opportunities to close on our first deal. Our first deal was for $7500 in profit with only $11 dollars left in the checking account. It is a day we will never forget!

Denise became pregnant and we were no longer able to run our race at the same pace. (Chasing the next deal). Our first son changed our perspective and pushed us to learn and think differently. WE NEEDED PASSIVE INCOME.  This required a mindset shift, and we purchased our first rental properties. Denise was able to leave her job because of it and focus on what was necessary for our family to thrive! “Retiring” Denise at 29 was the first true pillar in creating the life that we wanted.

At this time, we began sharing and teaching people around us about our new found freedom and how they too can get their first real estate deals the same way that we did through wholesaling and rental properties.

We went from tired and frustrated, working long hours at a W2 job which took more than it gave to being able to focus on faith, family, and creating a life we wanted and enjoyed.